About Us

In the heart of the serene Brookwater, Queensland, where the tranquil greens intertwine with the clear blue skies and gum trees, Galah Golf found its inspiration. This is where our brand's journey truly began, amidst the natural beauty that beckons golfers from every corner of the globe.

In 2023, Galah Golf was born. Named after the vibrant galah birds that are a common sight on the Brookwater course, it was a brand as lively and colourful as the feathered locals.

The name also serves as a reminder that golf, like life, should never be taken too seriously.

The products are a testament to the beauty of the Queensland and Australian landscape – the vibrant greens, the clear blues, the earthy browns, and the warmth of the Australian sun.

But Galah Golf isn't just about products; it's a community. It's for those who revel in the joy of a perfectly executed chip shot and those who embrace the challenge of a tricky bunker. It's for the golfers who gather at the 19th hole, sharing stories and laughter, celebrating both the highs and the not-so-highs of their rounds.

From Queensland's beauty to golf courses around the world, Galah Golf brings a touch of humour and a whole lot of luxury to the game. 

No Flamin’ Worries.